Beginning on the barn

IMG_2954I started the repair of the hay barn this week by nailing two boards onto the north side. These fell off years ago, not too long after Mom and Dad sold the place. For years I couldn’t bear to drive by the old place, because it was obvious the new owners weren’t going to be tidy folk. On trips down there I’d park across the section and look at the barn thru binoculars. That was as close as I could stand to be. I witnessed the gradual deterioration of the barn, starting with the two boards on the north side. This lack of care galled me deeply and so when the barn came back into our possession it was appropriate that these two boards be the first ones to be replaced. There is lots more to be done, but this is where it starts. This barn is a living, breathing thing. Every sigh, creak, and pop tells me so. Even the way the light comes in through the cracks. It deserves a second life.

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