Winter anticipation

img_4952It felt good to get down to the farm this past week and get a few things done, especially in light of the recent election. If I can’t fix the world I can at least put another rebuilt Dutch door on the barn. Only one more set of doors to go and I’ll have worked my way around the barn. I also patched a few holes that were letting in cold air. The country may be going to hell, but the barn is tight for the winter.

The other big job I did was digging up two leaking water lines in the old feedlot and capping them off. I had help from a guy with the littlest backhoe I’d ever seen, but it was faster than doing it by hand.

I also installed the four windows in the lean-to on the hay barn. My father built the lean-to in 1950. A whole lot of barns don’t have windows, but for some reason he decided he wanted some. For a very practical man, sometimes he liked things to be a little bit “fussy.” These windows had fallen apart over the decades and I rebuilt them last winter. Now they’re back in place. They actually slide open, to let in those prairie zephyrs.

I took a few more boards off of Grandpa’s old garage to make the next set of doors with. There aren’t many boards left to scavenge now on that building, but these have been a godsend. Kept me from having to pay out money for new wood. As I’ve mentioned before, the garage once used to be a horse barn for a country school. I like to think about the fact this 130-year-old lumber is going to continue to be useful.

I talked to a couple of the locals about the election and learned they were pretty unhappy with both candidates, but they voted for the guy because he seemed like the only possibility for real change. And for more jobs, which are scarce in this little town. We’ll see how that works out. My own opinion is that after eight years of the black guy, many people in the country didn’t so much like the idea of four or eight years of a woman. And they’d had enough talk of climate change and transgender bathrooms.

The weather was tolerable this week. Down to near freezing at night, but 50s during the day. There was a gorgeous sunrise one morning, then clouds the other days. Red-tailed hawks hunted over the fields and sparrows chattered in the brush piles. At dusk there were coyotes. The black snake that was in the storm cellar on my last trip was gone this time. I wish her well, and was grateful I could get down there to put some more paint cans where they wouldn’t freeze. I winterized the well house this trip. And so we are set to ride out another winter, knowing that spring will come again. I wish the same thing for my country.

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