What I hope to do with this blog is share a little about the process of bringing my boyhood farm back to life after being used and abused for many years. I plan to chronicle not only the actual physical work of restoring buildings, including a large western hay barn, but also the emotional insights that are sure to come up. Plus observations about nature. If this interests you I invite you along for the ride.

I am not planning to say where this farm is except that it’s in the Midwest. Most of you know anyway, I think. If you do know, keep it out of the comments, please. I’m also not interested in a large audience. If you happen to know someone who  might be interested, please do share, however. There will not be a quiz on this. When we meet I won’t be asking if you’re keeping up with it. If I end up writing only to myself I’m okay with that. You are free to comment on the blog if you wish.

Just call me Don.


2 Responses to About

  1. Terry Woodwings says:

    Thanks for sharing this Don.
    I somehow envision you leaving an old pickup at Plainview, and commuting by rail. Which is when you’ll do your blogging!

    Happy trails!
    Terry Woodwings
    Eucalyptus Falls, Nebraska

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