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Winter anticipation

It felt good to get down to the farm this past week and get a few things done, especially in light of the recent election. If I can’t fix the world I can at least put another rebuilt Dutch door … Continue reading

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Dividing the rain

I always somehow think that when I go to the farm in September, Fall will have arrived. But no, last week there were temperatures in the low 90s and a fair dose of humidity. It seemed more like July. But … Continue reading

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Board by Board

I got down to the farm for Memorial Day weekend. Most people use that holiday for going to the lake or for other recreation. I used it to cart a pickup full of tools and other stuff halfway across the … Continue reading

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Out behind the barn

The north side of the barn got patched this week. This is the side the former owners let fall apart because who needs an old hay barn anymore that doesn’t contribute to the bottom line? Every time I’d drive by the … Continue reading

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Beginning on the barn

I started the repair of the hay barn this week by nailing two boards onto the north side. These fell off years ago, not too long after Mom and Dad sold the place. For years I couldn’t bear to drive … Continue reading

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Shade tree sentiments

There was a turn toward fall the last week of September at the farm. The days were still summery—in the 80s—but the nights were cool. September in my childhood was always the month of planting wheat and starting school. True … Continue reading

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Tenants evicted

The farmhouse where I grew up has been occupied continuously since 1872, except for the past several years. After the heating system broke, the owner moved into the smaller house on the property. But even during that “vacant” period the house actually … Continue reading

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